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Co-Insurance for Condominiums...What??

Co-Insurance for Condominiums...What??

co-insurance fha condo approvalsYesterday, I received a call from a property manager with whom we work to help his clients to obtain FHA Condo Approvals.  One of his clients that is currently on the FHA Approved Condominiums List was inquiring about the impact of co-insurance to their FHA approval.

The Association is working to renew its insurance coverage.  Because of the insurance claims that the Association has filed in the past few years, the only lines available are much more expensive than what the HOA is currently paying.  In an effort to save money, the Board of Directors was investigating an 80% co-insurance policy for its master hazard insurance.

As is intuitive, the policy would only cover 80% of a partial or complete loss due to a catastrophic event.  The Association would have to contribute the other 20%.  The property manager was advising against this and contacted me to see if it would impact the FHA condo project approval.

Actually, it does not impact the project’s approval and it won’t impact its recertification either.  This is because FHA does not verify whether the master hazard insurance coverage is adequate when approving condominium projects.

However, when someone applies for a loan, the lender will verify whether the insurance coverage meets FHA’s standards.  FHA’s guidelines state that the hazard insurance must equal 100% of the replacement cost of the condominium.  Therefore, the project may be approved, but the inadequate 80% co-insurance would prohibit any FHA loans within the project.

But wait…there’s more!

Fannie Mae also has a requirement for 100% replacement coverage.  According to Question 8 of Fannie Mae’s FAQ’s for Project Insurance Requirements dated 4/8/2014:

“Does the master insurance policy or a related endorsement have to state ‘100%’ replacement cost?

“No, but the amount of coverage described in the terms of the policy and/or endorsements must equal 100% of the insurable replacement cost of the project improvements.”

In other words, by trying to save some money and opting for an 80% co-insurance policy, the Association would eliminate conventional and FHA financing options within the project.  I am sure that you can imagine what that would do to the ability to obtain financing or the negative impact that it would have on the property values in the condominium.

I hope the Board of the Association makes the proper decision now that it has all of the information.

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