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Top Ten reasons to get out of the business

Top Ten Reasons to Get Out of the Business

I am so thrilled that Kerrie La Guardia posts a periodic article called The Rain Bucket or I would have completely missed this outstanding article by Larry Lawfer.  The article is written from the standpoint of real estate agents but it could apply to the mortgage business or any other business, for that matter.

People join the real estate business for so many reasons such as thinking that they can set their own schedule (the biggest myth in real estate) to "my kids are all in school so I think I'll get my real estate license to give me something to do during the day."  Larry's article below completely nails 10 reasons why someone should not be in the business.

I posted this in the groups to help him to gain maximum exposure.  This article should be read by everyone, in my opinion.

Great post Larry!

YourStories RealtyThe top ten reasons to get out of the real estate business line up with the top ten reasons to get out of any business.

1) I am in it for the money.  If you are in the real estate business because you think, know, that a lot of money can be made you are in the wrong business.  Yes, it is true, a lot of money can be made, but not without the sincere professional efforts of a dedicated agent.

2) I can make my own schedule.  Yes, this is true in real estate you can make your own schedule, but if you think you don't need a schedule that you keep to, you are in the wrong business.

Show me the Gold3) It is easy work.  Yeah, right!  Any profession that demands as varied and deep an understanding of various types of information as real estate does is never "easy".

4) I am a "people person."  If you like people you just might not want to be in the real estate business.  As an agent you are directly in line for abuse when things go wrong. It is your fault and they are going to tell everyone.

5) People like me.  Well, read numbers 4 and 3.  It is guaranteed that people will not like you when you don't give them exactly what they want, when they want it. Don't get into this business because people like you, they won't.

6) I have been hired onto a good team. While surrounding yourself with like-minded professionals working at the top of their game is crucial to success, it does not dictate your personal success.  You need to develop your own skills and abilities. This is your work, not theirs.

7) I am good at marketing.  We all know that marketing is crucial for a successful real estate business. Internet marketing is even more important, but if this is your only skill you will be whistling down a lonely path.  

8) I was hired by the top Agency.  Well, every agency says they are the top agency. Every agency has statistics that show how they are the top at this or that.  It is never about the Agency, it is always about the professional.  

YourStories Realty9) I am a hard worker.  This is not everyone's mantra, but there are agents who come into the business with a hard working attitude.  While this is important it is more about working smart and consistently than working hard.

10) My manager has promised to train me.   Your manager's job is to get you in the door and producing.  Once you are in the door and doing some of the things you are supposed to do, they are off recruiting and promising to train the next recruit.  Being a professional is about your goals, focus and consistent efforts. Without that you are just another warm body paying rent to your office.

The real reason to be a real estate agent is because you love what you do. You are willing to put the time, effort and energy into constantly getting better, smarter and more knowlegible.  There are far more downs than ups in real estate at the beginning.  While it may not be easier, I can think of nothing I would rather do in my life.



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