FHA Condo Approval Specialist: May 31 FHA Condo Approval Expiration Date Quickly Approaches!

May 31 FHA Condo Approval Expiration Date Quickly Approaches!

May 31 FHA Condo Approval Expiration Date Quickly Approaches!

For condominium projects that are currently approved with HUD whose initial approvals occurred during 1986-1990, your approvals will expire in less than a week.  Chances are if you haven't submitted a recertification package to HUD already, you will see your approval expire next week.

The problem is that there are still many condominium projects who simply don't know that their approvals are expiring.  I have received dozens of calls in the past week from Associations who didn't know anything about this.

What Happens AFTER the Expiration Date?

Fortunately for projects whose approvals are inevitably going to expire, they don't actually lose their approval.  They go into sort of a "suspense" status for 6 months.  If a recertification package is not received by HUD within 6 months following the expiration date, they will lose their HUD approval.  If they wish to acquire HUD's approval, they will have to go through the full approval process, not just the recertification process.

I term it a "suspense" status because the approval does not effectively expire.  During the suspense status time period, the only negative ramification is that FHA case numbers will not be assigned within the project.  Obviously, this is why a project acquires HUD's approval in the first place but after 6 months past the expiration date, it will require more work to get back on the list.

How Long Does it Take to Get Recertified?

HUD's processing time is currently 2-6 weeks.  The most recent approval that I helped to acquire took HUD 10 business days.  When the package is submitted to HUD, it gets logged and placed with a reviewer.  This typically takes up to 5 business days.  Then it sits in a queue until the reviewer gets to it.  Normally this takes 2-4 weeks, but in this instance, it took 3 days.

HUD posts that it takes 30 days to process a recertification request once it is placed with a reviewer.

If the package is incomplete, or HUD requests clarification of submitted items, an email is generated to this effect and the missing information must be submitted within 48 hours of the generation of the email.

If the paperwork is not received by HUD within 48 hours, the recertification request is withdrawn and a rejection email is issued.  Once the paperwork is collected, it can be supplied to HUD with a resubmission request so that it will be re-reviewed.

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