FHA Condo Approval Specialist: FAQ's when dealing with veteran buyers and the VA loan process

FAQ's when dealing with veteran buyers and the VA loan process


Alex Popovic is an absolute expert in VA mortgage financing.  His blog is loaded with detailed information about the VA loan program including the nuances that are associated with the ancillary aspects such as how to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility.

The article below is one of the most comprehensive articles about the VA loan program that I have ever read.

Please visit his blog and read some articles about the VA loan program.  Please also leave your comments on his original article.

Working with veterans during the VA lending process can be intimidating to some Realtors®, it really shouldn't be.  VA loans are by far the best loans out there for the veterans using their VA certificate of eligibility, in Phoenix, Semper Find My Home specializes in working with Veterans to help them purchase homes. Once you have the process down, its really easy.  In case you have any questions here are some FAQ's and answers about the entire VA lending process and working with veterans.

1.  Is using my VA eligibility loan a good idea?

2.  So what can veterans buy using a VA loan?

3.  What is the maximum amount a vet can borrow with a VA home loan?FAQ's when dealing with veteran buyers and the VA lending process

4.  Does the VA have an inventory of foreclosed homes?

5.  I'm a veteran, how do I get proof of eligibility to purchase a home?

6.  Who is exempt from paying the VA funding fee in a real estate deal?

7.  What if a veteran can't find their DD214 in the home buying process?

8.  Can a co-signer be brought onto a VA home loan when purchasing a house?

9.  I purchased my home with my spouse using my VA benefits & now divorced

10. Your buyers don't have an honorable discharge can they get a VA loan?

11. I'm a veteran, how can I improve my chances to get a VA home loan

12. What role does the VA play in the lending process when buying a home?

13. How do I reuse my VA loan benefit in full in the event of a default?

14. As a veteran do I have to take a fixed rate VA loan?

Alex Popovic is an OIF/OEF veteran and USMC Force Reconnaissance Scout/Sniper he is the founder of Semper Find My Home.  We lower our commissions to help get veterans in homes.


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Thanks for the re-blog and kind words, it means alot.  Hope you crush it up there 

Posted by Alex Popovic MRP (Semper Find My Home) almost 4 years ago

It's the most comprehensive article that I have seen for VA loans, Alex.

Posted by ReadySetLoan Condo Approval Team, The FHA/VA Condo Project Approval Specialists (ReadySetLoan Condo Team LLC) almost 4 years ago